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Affordable Healthshare "Alternative To Health insurance"


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Here is your opportunity to join a community of health-conscious Americans who practice time tested principles Christians have been observing for decades about their healthcare.

Liberty HealthShare provides you with an approved way to know who you are sharing with so you can message them with prayer, support and cheer if you choose

When you have a medical incident, fellow members are committed to support you and share your costs.

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing costs remain low, you know where your money is going, you make your own healthcare decisions, and you choose any doctor or hospital.


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Affordable is an authorized member sponser of Liberty HealthShare. We are dedicated to helping people take charge of their health care in a cost-effective way that fits their needs. One reason we teamed up with Liberty HealthShare was our own experiences! Our own family members and friends joined Liberty HealthShare and have been amazed with the quality of service we recieve. 

Liberty HealthShare Members have been successfully sharing medical expenses for decades. As a 501c3 not-for-profit, the only purpose is to share medical expenses when needs arise. This proven system has been used by thousands of faith-based families for nearly 30 years.

Affordable is proud to offer 3 program options:

  • Liberty Share
  • Liberty Plus 
  • Liberty Complete ​

Select the program that best fits your needs.Call 304-844-0708 for more information. 

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